If you have trees and shrubs on your property, and you want to improve their appearance, you can do a little bit of pruning. However, there is a proper time to prune and care for the shrubs so they will have the best possible chance of growing. Whether you have perennials or evergreen trees on your property, or a wide variety of shrubs, each one can be cared for at a very similar time. Let’s go over the basics of how to provide proper tree and shrub maintenance so that you can make sure they are healthy.

The Main Differences Between Trees And Shrubs

There are some obvious differences between a tree and shrub. First of all, trees are much larger. Shrubs are going to be smaller, and also have a much more rounded appearance. However, the primary difference between the two has to do with how they grow. You can also consider contacting a tree service company like https://www.treeservice-fortworth.com. A tree is going to have one main trunk from which all of the branches will originate. A shrub will have multiple stems that will originate from the ground. Both of them will have what is called woody growth, yet each will have differences in regard to their physiology.

Physiological Differences Between Trees And Shrubs

Some of the other differences will include the fact that trees will use photosynthesis to create food for the tree, a process that involves gathering light. The tree trunk is primarily made of dead tissue, providing a type of support for the tree as it grows, with only the exterior portion of the tree being alive. Shrubs are similar in the way they produce food and the parts that are living. That is why when taking care of both trees and shrubs, they can be pruned at similar times during the year.

When Is The Best Time To Maintenance Your Trees And Shrubs

Almost every tree or shrub that is grown should be pruned during the winter season. This is when they go dormant. It is during this time that you can cut away at the exterior of the plant without jeopardizing its health. If you were to do this while the tree is blooming, or when the shrub is producing leaves, this can compromise its internal system. By doing this during the months of November through February, you will have the best chance of making sure that proper maintenance can be done without affecting the health of either of them.

Now that you know when to provide maintenance for the trees and shrubs on your property, you can plan to do this over a weekend. Whether you do this yourself, or you contact a professional tree trimming business, it should be done during these times of the year. If you have multiple trees that are exceedingly tall, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional that will have the tools necessary to do this type of work. The same is true for shrubs, especially larger ones, that will require special attention that can only be provided by professionals in this industry.