Winter Tree Care Tips That You Should Use

Although most people are not concerned about the health of their trees until something goes wrong, the problems that often develop are a result of neglect. It is not uncommon for trees to develop diseases without people noticing what is happening. Arborists are able to identify specific diseases that trees may have or problems that they are currently going through. They can offer advice, as well as treatments that can get them back to normal. Here are a few Winter tree care tips that you could implement in order to support the health of your trees.

Why Should You Do All Of This And Winter?

winter tree care tipsDoing this during the wintertime is the best time for one specific reason. This is the time when trees are among their dormant fans. In the same way that animals hibernate during the winter, trees also lay dormant up until spring. They are activated by many things including changes in the weather, especially as it gets warmer. As the sun moved higher into the sky, they are also able to absorb more sunlight for the photosynthesis process. That’s why treating your trees during the wintertime is the best time to make sure that your trees are going to be healthy.

What Type Of Treatments Should You Provide Them With?

The treatments that you provide them with will include proper pruning. You can do this by getting a ladder, and trim all of the excess branches. It is recommended that you have several large branches that will maintain the balance of the tree, and remove a lot of the new growth. You can do this with a chainsaw, or you can remove everything by hand with a saw or with clippers. In addition to this, you need to make sure that there are no dead branches on the trees as these may contain disease which will become activated once spring arrives.

What Type Of Nutrients Should You Provide Your Trees With?

The nutrients that you provide your trees with will include fertilizer in the form of compost, and also nitrogen. This can be injected directly into the ground. The roots are going to absorb the nitrogen, along with the potassium and phosphorus if you are also using that. If you have fruit trees, all three of these ingredients are necessary to promote proper tree health. You will then want to add a layer of compost with mulch on the top. This will be watered on a continual basis a few weeks before spring arrives. This will put all of the nutrients into the soil, allowing the roots to start absorbing this when the tree becomes activated by changes in the weather.

It is so important to always manager trees. They are not just going to grow on their own, especially if there are significant climate changes, or if you live in an area where there is not a lot of water. There are some other problems that they may encounter, such as diseases, which an arborist will be able to handle. If you have tried your best to help your tree, you may want to have a tree trimmer or arborist come out right before spring just to make sure everything has been done properly. These tips will allow you to look forward to many years of accelerating growth with your trees, regardless if they are deciduous or evergreen.